The Fashion Workshop

North America's very first South Asian fashion school is now accepting registrations. Imagine not having to worry about a language, distance or any other barrier when it comes to creating and completing your own South Asian Fashion Line. No longer wondering how other designers can complete so many bridal trousseaus with a flawless execution and instead knowing exactly what you can do to get your next collection on the runway. Now imagine having clients who seek out your designers and even stage their events around your masterpieces. The ones that trust your vision and say no problem to your pricing or terms!

Full weeks of online instructions by master designer and owner of the largest South Asian fashion house in North America, Raanee Khaira. Be prepared to gain information and take note as Ranee and her team share their best kept industry secrets.

Learn the basics and the building blocks for South Asian fashion design. Be prepared for

Get ready to finish your education and learn the business of fashion. How to ensure orders are completed, delivered, and met on time. How to develop a growing Instagram and social media strategy? The Crossover team is ready to answer all your burning question!

  • Get ready to start a career in South Asian fashion
  • An in depth education in fabrics, styles, enbroideries, common textile methods
  • A hard bound learning set including instructional text book, embroidery samples, and materials
    Access to online educational videos
  • Develop a working relationship with artisans (karigars) and high end manufacturers
  • Receive a certificate of completion for your new skills

Registeration Open Now

To register please visit www, or visit us in person by making an appointment via phone or email.

Address: 8138 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W 1R1

Phone No: (604) 502-8818


Shop Collection

Fashion School Training

Starting a new career can be scary, but do you find yourself thinking about it more than actually doing? Start today and see what you are missing! Our South Asian Fashion Workshop starts at $599 in a completely digital version. Sign up today!

Manufacturing Opportunities

Have you always had a passion for design? Are you an upcoming designer? Have you had troubles with manufacturers in the past?

We know it can be extremely difficult to produce your designs in India due to language barriers, unreliable manufacturers, and simply not having an established network in India. CBS wants to make all your designer dreams come true by connecting you to some of our most reputable, reliable manufacturers in India and giving you back full control!

Our manufacturing units include individuals who are educated in their field, speak fluent English, and are extremely talented and steadfast.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please email us at and let’s get started on bringing your design to life!


Crossover Bollywood Se is looking to expand worldwide, and we want passionate and driven individuals to partner with in order to take Crossover Bollywood Se to the next step.

What do we mean by franchising opportunities? Crossover Bollywood Se will supply your studio with quality sample pieces from the highly sought-after CBS and BChic lines. From there you will be able to take custom orders based on those sample pieces you have in your studio.

Why Crossover Bollywood se? Throughout the years CBS has worked hard to build up a brand that is known for its luxury, elegance, and quality. With the hub of it all, Raanee Khaira, having a large network in India and Canada, she has made CBS a household name in the Indian fashion industry. There is a large demand from individuals all over the world wanting custom CBS pieces, so our goal is to make it more convenient for clients to purchase their dream garments. Thus, we want to continue that growth and take CBS to the next level by establishing the brand name all across the world with entrepreneurs carrying the lines in their local studio!

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If so, please email and let gets started on creating the partnership of a lifetime!

Client Diaries

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