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Raanee  K Khaira founded Crossover Bollywood Se over 19 years ago and has created a fashion destination in Surrey, BC.

With clients flying in to virtual  and digital consulting from every corner of the world, it is no wonder that Crossover Bollywood Se is such an immense success. From a banking background Raanee knew she wanted to get into the business of fashion very early on. 

Despite holding an upper management position with one of Canada’s leading banks, Raanee K Khaira chose to courageously pursue her dream, leaving the corporate world behind and embarking on a transformative journey that led to the founding of Crossover Bollywood Se over 19 years ago. Her decision to transition from banking to the world of fashion speaks volumes about her determination and passion to create a lasting impact in an entirely different industry.

Combining her passion for design and her South Asian heritage, she created the South Asian Fashion Workshop to empower aspiring designers with the skills, cultural insights, and networking opportunities needed to excel in the vibrant world of fashion. Her hands on as well as her can-do attitude has helped her single handedly design, build, and launch her very first store.

Raanee K Khaira started Crossover Bollywood Se with an ambitious drive and a unique business plan in mind. Bringing Bollywood fashion to North America and more accessible for people living abroad. With over thousands of brides, grooms, trousseaus and garments made Crossover Bollywood Se is one the largest producers of Indian garments in North America. Coming from humble beginnings Raanee always thanks god for her success and continues to give back to the community though charity, teaching and mentoring other designers.