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Raanee Kaur Khaira founded Crossover Bollywood Se over 19 years ago and has created a fashion destination in Surrey, BC while also becoming an influential source of inspiration and mentorship for emerging fashion designers and entrepreneurs in the clothing industry.

Nineteen years ago, Raanee Kaur Khaira embarked on a remarkable journey, transitioning from an upper management position in the banking industry with Canada’s leading banks to daringly pursue her passion for south asian fashion. Recognizing the enormity of the risk, she courageously left the corporate world behind. In the absence of any external guidance, Raanee started her own company entirely from scratch, taking on responsibilities ranging from measurements and design to sourcing manufacturers. Inspired by her own challenging beginnings, Raanee established the Crossover Bollywood Se Academy, a platform where aspiring designers can receive comprehensive education in south asian fashion. The academy aims not only to impart technical skills but also to instill the confidence to navigate the risks and challenges of launching a clothing brand. Raanee’s vision is to mentor students, fostering a fearless attitude as they embark on their journeys in the world of fashion entrepreneurship.

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