About CBS

Our Legacy

Crossover Bollywood Se (CBS) is Canada’s premier designer storefront for luxury Indian and Western fashion. CBS offers the style-savvy brides and grooms exactly what they want – access to the hottest trends, styles, and rich fabrics, whether it’s for a pret-a-porter or custom piece.

Our Business

A friend to Bollywood royalty and Indian film stars, Canadian-based designer, Raanee Khaira has been weaving Bollywood dreams into wearable reality for brides, grooms, and fashion lovers for over ten years. Her eyes for sourcing breathtaking collections from well-known Indian designers and design houses was greatly recognized in British Columbia, and enabled her to catapult her own house label, Crossover Bollywood Se (CBS). CBS was founded in 2006, and through Raanee’s passion and determination it was brought to a level of success that is unsurpassed by any other fashion house in Canada.

Raanee is revered in the Indian fashion industry, but as many fashion buffs know she has an equally talented and fashionable daughter, Raji Khaira- fashion curator of CBS’s in house line, B Chic. CBS’s social media followers fell in love with Raji’s likeable and bubbly personality, and couldn’t help but fall in love with her feminine, playful collection. Since 2012, Raji’s love of mainstream fashion has evolved into dreaming up rich fabrics and stunning designs for the modern, budget-conscious Indian fashionistas.

Whether it’s an opulent, luxurious, and meticulously tailored couture piece designed by Raanee, or a piece with wear-ability, flair, and personality designed by the younger Khaira, on thing is for certain. The mother-daughter design duo at Crossover Bollywood Se is one fashionable force that will continue to take the Indian fashion industry by storm.